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Public Defender

If you already have a public defender and need to talk to them:

  1. Call (505) 369-3600 to make an appointment OR

  2. Go to their office for a walk-in appointment at 505 Marquette NW, Ste. 120 

If you need a public defender:

  1. Call (505) 369-3600 OR

  2. Go to their website and click on "I need help..." at the top of the page

When to call or walk in:

  • Monday-Friday: 8 am-5 pm

Website: Click here

Other phone numbers at the public defender's office:

  • Felony Division: (505) 835-1525

  • Metro Division: (505) 835-1530

  • Juvenile Division: (505) 835-1526

Criminal cases
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