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Shelter with waitlist

Barrett House Shelter

They are NOT an emergency overnight shelter

Who do they serve: Single women, and women with children (boys must be under 18)

How to get a bed: Call them every day until you are called back. (505) 243-4887

Calling instructions: Call every day and leave a detailed message every day until someone returns your call. In the detailed message, leave your name and phone number. If you have children, on the message say the number of children and their ages. To remain on the active waitlist for shelter bed(s), you must leave a detailed message every day until you receive a call back.

Other information: Barrett House Shelter is not a domestic violence shelter nor is it an emergency overnight shelter. Instead, they are a “stability” shelter aimed at building self-sufficiency with long-term beds, meal services, case management and, eventually, transitional housing.

Shelter with waitlist
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