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Shelter via referral

Gateway Center


DO NOT show up there without a referral

Who do they serve: Adult women: Men but only until the end of March (2024)

Address: Near Gibson Blvd, near the intersection with San Pedro Dr SE

How to get a bed: At the moment, the only way to get a bed is to get a referral from an agency

Gateway intake criteria: Click here

Phone number: 505-537-8588

To refer a FEMALE client: Click here. Keep in mind the Gateway usually has a waiting list. To refer someone, you will need to know the client's:

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Current living situation

  • Ability to use stairs

  • Pet ownership

  • Ability to get to Gateway

Notes: The Gateway Center is being opened in stages, with the first stage for adult women who are sent to them by referral. It also functions as a Winter Shelter by opening a few beds for men, but this will end by the beginning of April 2024.

Shelter via referral
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