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Immediately available shelter

Westside Emergency Housing Center (WEHC)

Who do they serve: Adult women and men

How to get a bed: Go there

How to get there:

  1. Take the shuttle

  2. Drive there (30-45-minute drive one way)

How NOT to get there: (see "Other WEHC Information" below)

  • You CAN NOT take the city bus there

  • You CAN NOT walk there



International District

First Nations

Pick-up location: 5608 Zuni SE

Pick-up time: 6 pm daily

God’s Warehouse

Pick-up location: 8011 Central NE

Pick-up time: 6:15 pm daily

Near Big I/I-40

Indian School & 1st St

Pick-up location: On the northeast corner of Indian School Rd and First St NW

Pick-up times: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 pm daily


Pick-up location:1201 3rd St. NW

Pick-up time: 3:15 pm, Monday-Friday


Driving information: The WEHC is located west of Albuquerque, about a 30-45 minute drive from the International District and downtown. As you get closer to the WEHC, the turns get confusing, so make sure to have GPS or call the WEHC and write down the directions. If you are dropping someone off, you do not need to go inside with them

Address: 7440 Jim McDowell NW

Other WEHC information

Amenities: They provide meals a day 

Main telephone number: (505) 839-9193

Female Dorm Supervisor: (505) 595-6547

For more information about pickups: Call (505) 839-9193 from 1:30-10 pm

You CAN NOT take the city bus there: The closest city bus drop-off point is 12 miles away from the WEHC

You CAN NOT walk to or from there: It is essentially in the middle of the desert. There are no buildings, stores or houses nearby. The closest store is a gas station 9 miles away. The closest highway is 8 miles away.

You can bring your own car: There are places to park your car near the WEHC if you are staying there overnight, but call ahead of time to check, and, once you arrive, let the staff know. 

Joy Junction

Who do they serve: Mostly women and families, but they take a limited number of men

How to get a bed: Call them. (505) 877-6967, 24/7

How to get there: They will pick you up

Address: 4500 2nd St. SW

You CAN NOT take the city bus there: The closest city bus drop-off point is 2 miles away

Notes: Joy Junction is located south of Albuquerque, away from bus lines and about a 25-minute drive from the International District and downtown. 

Immediately available shelter
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