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Life on the street is dangerous for women

It doesn't have to be deadly.


Asur New Mexico is an outreach and referral agency. That's not an official term. We made it up. But it's what we do.

We support all homeless individuals who identify as female, especially those who have been victims of sex trafficking or survivors of it. We get to know them through street outreaches where we distribute basic necessities such as pads, tampons, and hygiene products.

In emergencies such as rape or trafficking, we provide immediate assistance. If they would like other services — such as housing, behavioral health, or substance use treatment — we make a referral to one of our sister agencies.

devil horns.jpg

At our core, Asur is a “guerrilla” nonprofit. We fight for the women we serve. And we are not tactful or classy. We see the injustice they face every day and it pisses us off. This makes us a ragtag group. But we get stuff done.

A woman shows her appreciation for the devil-horn headband we gave her


The women we serve are amazing as they are, whether they are trafficking victims, homeless, domestic violence victims, using substances, or struggling with mental-health issues.

Women we serve venn diagram.png
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